Awesome upcycled Make a List notebook from remaker

Awesome upcycled "Make a List" notebook from remaker

So, I always make lists.  The problem is… I rarely scratch off everything on my list before I make a new one.  I made a list over the weekend of things that I needed to get done, supplies that needed to be ordered, appointments I needed to set.  It was 4 separate lists, 4 pages long by the time I was done! This list is different though.  I am committing to this list.  I will scratch things off as I complete them and I think I should be able to have everything scratched off within the week!

I am going to spend more time scratching things off the list and less time reading blogs this week.  That being said, I think the following blogs are awesome and should not be neglected.  So, I put together a list of blogs that I like for your reading pleasure.  Maybe you can pick up the slack for me and keep readership up while I am crossing off my list?  Oh, okay… I’ll probably read just a little bit, so I’m not out of the loop, but I’ll still keep up with my list.  Maybe I should add “Keep up with RSS and read blogs daily” to my list?  Then I can still have the satisfaction of scratching it off.

Indie Craft/Design/Business Blogs

  1. Poppytalk and Poppytalk Handmade
  2. Indie Fixx
  3. Design Sponge
  4. Bakery
  5. Handmade Business Blog
  6. Heart Handmade

Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh Representin’

  1. Pittsburgh Craft Collective
  2. I Heart PGH
  3. Handmade in PA

Bike Related Blogs

  1. Steevo
  2. Pgh Racing
  3. Urban Velo

This is just a sample of some of my favorite blogs.  There are plenty of other awesome blogs out there.  Maybe next week  I’ll make another list of awesome crafty bloggers, local and not so local.  I’ll add that to my list.   🙂