I will start off by telling you that my nickname in high school was “garb,” short for my last name.  This was also my brother’s nickname and actually stuck with him a lot longer as many of his friends still call him that.

What is in a name? I had an internship at a photography school/workshop facility in Italy during one of my college summers.  As any woman who has visited Italy knows, “Ciao bella” is heard frequently.  I had some long hours to think while working in my 13th century castle darkroom.  I remember thinking that ‘garbella’ had a nice ring to it and decided that if I ever had a business, then it would be named garbella.

So, there you have the meaning/ loose connection behind the name.

The Garbella Etsy site is located at http://garbella.etsy.com.
If you would like to trade links please email.


One Response to “About Garbella”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    Call for Artists: Philadelphia City Paper’s Greatest Trunk Show on Earth

    Join more than 100 artists, designers, homemade crafters and vendors on May at 16 on opening weekend at the all-new Piazza@Schmidt’s in Northern Liberties.

    This is our second show and it will be well-advertised in City Paper, online and on various social networking sites.

    Set-up is from 9:30 am and the show runs from 11 am to 4 pm. $100 gets you a 10×10′ space and we’ll provide a 6′ table. Vendors are free to set up their space with tents, wardrobe racks, etc. as long as they can break down their space by 5 pm. Interested exhibitors should contact roxanne.cooper@citypaper.net.

    Hurry! Space is limited and going fast!

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