This is how my day started off: hairdryer broke, ran out of cream for my coffee, and my car wouldn’t start.  Not the best, huh?  Well, I am having a great day now!  I arrived to work in a not-so-great mood, logged onto my computer, checked e-mail, and got an e-mail from Handmade Arcade (Pittsburgh Indie Craft Fair) that said:

Dear Amy:

Congratulations! You have been accepted to Handmade Arcade 2009!

Yay!!  Thank you Handmade Arcade for saving my day and actually making it a great one. Now, I need to get busy with the makin’.  I am participating in more shows this year than ever before, and am now in several local and not so local stores.  Lots of inventory needs to be made and lots of  re-stocking needs to be done. Oh, and lots of packaging and shipping.  Also, lots of coffee needs to be consumed.  This weekend is nothin’ but craftin’ and  I am looking forward to it.