Well, July was a busy month to say the least!

A few highlights:

  1. Southside Works Exposed Artist Market– thanks to everyone who came out!  It was a beautiful weekend
  2. A quick jaunt out to San Francisco to see my sweet, sweet friend- Taryn.  Taryn is her West Coast name.  Tom is her East coast name.  We had an awesome time just getting caught up with life, hanging out, checking out her new place (homeowners!), and vending over at the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason.

    Taryn and Amy, By the Bay

    Taryn and Amy, By the Bay

  3. Celebrating Steevo’s birthday (a week late since I was in CA!).  It was a great birthday date, beautiful weather, delicious  food, and excellent company.  I even got to wear my new sweatshirt-dress that I scored at Renegade from Recession Clothing. Check them out!

    steevos birthday dinner

    steevo's birthday dinner

  4. The MGR Foundation Peace Rally!  Young people came out in full force to take the stage at Market Square.  Lots of people came out to support them, listen to their messages, and rally along with them.
    Haji and Mohamed- G Brothas representing the Youth

    Haji and Mohamed- G Brothas representing the Youth

    Hopefully, August will be just as much fun (maybe just not as busy!)