Ibrahim -screenprinting

Steevo and I are lucky enough to have a ton of awesome kids in our neighborhood.  We are really close with 4 families, who are refugees from Somalia.

So, during Spring Break we decided to host a party for the kids at our house.  We had music, dancing, snacks, pizza, cake and….. screenprinting!  As I have mentioned before, I screenprint shirts for a Somali hip-hop/R&B group called the Lil Kiziguwaz.  All of the neighborhood kids love the shirts.  So, as a surprise at the party, each kid got to screenprint their very own Lil Kiziguwaz shirt.  We even made a baby onesie for one of their Mothers who was expecting.  Congratulations Makay! (She gave birth to Mukufu Osman on April 12th).  These kids always make my day.  When I come home, 95% of the time, one of the kids (usually 5-10 kids) are outside and come running over to say ‘hello’ while screaming “Amy…Amy….Amy!”  It makes me feel all good inside. 🙂


Also, check out Steevo’s blog post about the party.

Fatuma is crafty!

Fatuma is crafty!