Well,  this week is off to a great start!  First, the I Made It! Market was great this past weekend.  Everyone was really friendly, I think the sunshine and nice weather really helped with that 🙂  Sales were good and I got some new tea cups and mugs from Jeff of  Jeff Guerrero Ceramics.  Awesome!

Also, I am really excited to report that …….. drum roll please…… my friend Taryn and I got accepted as vendors for the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn!  We are thrilled.  She and her business (Tomgirl)  live in San Francisco, CA.  We have done a number of art shows together while in college, but this is going to our first time vending together at a craft fair.  We are going to have so much fun!    I love vending at craft shows and I love spending time with her, so I can’t wait for Renegade- Brooklyn!


I called Tom last night to tell her the great news and I imagined that her face looked like this when she heard what I said.

So, we have a lot to prepare…..  I have so many new ideas and can’t wait to start making them happen.