Yesterday’s I Made It! Market /Sundae Market in Schenley plaza was a lot of fun. Well, the only part that wasn’t fun was when a sudden burst of wind sent handmade goods crashing to the ground and launched a few huge tents across the market. I heard the screaming, looked up and saw one tent tumbling towards my section and people covering their heads. It was crazy. Luckily, nobody was hurt and everyone pitched in to help the vendors who got tossed around by the wind.

Despite the gloomy weather at the beginning of the day, business was pretty good. I got some good feedback on my new designs and new t-shirt brand. I was also lucky enough to have some family visit and watch my table for a bit so I could check out all of the other crafty vendors. There was a lot of cool stuff and the DJ was rocking all day.


  • trading one of my tote bags for a really cool pair of resin earrings by Rockyn Robyn
  • getting to meet Cosy of CosyKnits and the Pittsburgh Craft Collective
  • getting a chance to visualize and reflect on table set-up and more in order to plan for Handmade Arcade 2008

Here is a photo of my space at the market:

I have so much to do before Handmade Arcade! I just burned a few new screens and I am really excited to print some new stuff.

Thank you to Ben (i think?) of Sundae Market and Carrie from I Made It! Market– this was a really great event.