I have recently set up a new in-house craft studio in the spare bedroom. This is in addition to my basement screen-printing studio. While it might sound like I am taking over the house, you have to understand that Steevo has like 18 million bicycles and all of the parts, spandex gear, shoes, cases of clif bars, gallons of gu, etc. to go with the bikes. Enough to fill up two houses, so I think it works out. One of the new things that I have been working on is clocks. A long time ago, I was dabbling around making lamps and clocks and I finally got back to it. Here is one of them:

I am also working on some new designs for screen-printing. Look for new shirts, clocks (screen-printed), dresses, tote bags, and onesies for the lil’ ones. I’ll post some photos soon.